Today, Erika Mudrak from the Cornell Statistical Consultation Unit will give a guest lecture. Her slides are available here

There are no required readings.

Optional resources:

From R for Excel users:

Getting help, or really helping you help yourself, means moving beyond “it’s not working” and towards solution-oriented approaches. Part of this is the mindset where you expect that someone has encountered this problem before and that most likely the problem is your typo or misuse, and not that R is broken or hates you.

There is excellent advice for trouble-shooting R-code and how to get help in Lecture 2 from ESM 206: Statistics and Data Analysis in Environmental Science and Management by Allison Horst.

Also check out the slide deck or recorded talk for Jenny Bryan’s talk “Object of type ‘closure’ is not subsettable” at the 2020 RStudio conference. You can also check out her Reprex webinar.


  • You will all have the opportunity to give a short presentation during our last class (required if you’re taking the course for credit). Details here

A consistent coding style maximizes readability

Developing a consistent style in your coding, makes it a lot easier to read. Here is some inspiration: